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Junior Values Gala Day May 28th

In what is a fantastic opportunity for junior rugby league participants in the lead up to State of Origin 1, NRLSA will be holding the annual Junior Vales at Eyre Sports park on Sunday May 28th.

To compliment the day, the State of Origin Shield will be at the venue between 11:00am and 1:00PM as well as State of Origin Legends Anthony Minichiello and Petero Civoniceva who will be in attendance on the day to meet all of the juniors.

We will also be reaching out to South Australia’s All Ability athletes to be involved in the day and participate in an all-abilities Tag Rugby League Clinic.

The day will be run by NRLSA staff, with junior club players able to participate in a mini carnival within their age group, by playing multiple shortened game.

This event is for juniors ONLY.

At the conclusion of each mini carnival, teams will be rewarded for showing the below good values highlighted below.

  • Inclusiveness

We will be looking for teams that show an inclusive attitude, working hard to get all players involved in the game, making sure all participants are included and get the opportunity to enjoy the games.

  • Respect

This will be defined by participants displaying respectful attitudes and behaviours towards all involved in the Game (Coaches, match officials, team members, opposition players and spectators).

Any disrespectful acts towards players and match officials are strongly discouraged, including over the top try celebrations, being discouraging of others and disputing referee decisions.

Behaviours that will be rewarded include treating all with respect, accepting decisions and encouraging others throughout the game.


This award will be given to the team that inspires all around them which can demonstrated by showing a happy, fun and welcoming environment in the games they participate in.


The Fair Play Award will be judged by all of the above, generally playing the game in good spirits and demonstrating all the above values.

For teams to be awarded the Fair Play Award, they need to demonstrate the types of behaviours and attitude that fosters a great environment for all involved in our rugby league community. Awards will not be given out to teams that display poor behaviour.

  • What – State of Origin Junior Values Day

  • When – Sunday 28th May

  • Where – Eyre Sports park

  • what will be there –State of Origin Shield

  • Who will be there - Anthony Minichiello (NSW) and Petero Civoniceva (QLD)

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